The Little Whirlpool

I’ve lived a pretty storied life so far, in that I’ve been pulled across from the brink of insanity to becoming the more centered, mentally well person. However, the question that has rattled around in my mind has been the sacrifice one makes in becoming more “normal” in their brain states.

I recently came across this article:

So you must be on the outside of the normal mind, to fit the mold for achieving the so called “American Dream”. The dream is something that some say should die, but simultaneously it is a thing that people always will strive for without it really being a dream or just “American”. I believe it is in all of us to want to push ourselves to our limits, it is in all of us to live a life that at least once went to the utmost extremities to either achieve or see where that leads. But the fact is as time goes on, as science advances and knowledge increases achieving altered brain states will become easier and easier. And in some cases the sacrifices of a “mental disorder” will be worth it to achieve what a person really wants. People fear nothing more than the meaningless, “repeated” or normal life.

I’ve been labeled with various disorders, but never really fit “cleanly” into any category. It makes me realize how at some point those labels that we constantly use are formulated based on the average, based on the squeezing together of many to make a useful tool. Labeling is a tool, but it is never a true representation. And it is often ignored the sacrifices can outweigh the benefits in labeling; the tool is in some cases more damaging than helpful. But the labeling does do a good job of making a profit for many, so it continues and expands as time goes on. But that is a different post for another time.

So it comes down to a choice that a person has to make. What brain state does that individual really want to be in? What choice is best? And in my case, is this stage of indecision worth the payoff for a better, single track that I can move ahead in full speed?


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