America the Weak

Donald Trump.

Why am I talking about him? Like everyone else.

He has hit a nerve. Obvious, isn’t it?

Obvious that America feels so insecure. Obvious that people are too scared to turn their gaze upon themselves. Obvious that we can’t remember who immigrated to where and how a big fish will always eat the smaller fish.

See, talking about Trump in this diatribe isn’t about me or you reacting to his obviously inflammatory statements. It is that he is a perfect representation of a moment in time here in America.

A tangled trashed mess of people either pushing every second to put food on their table or a middle class vanishing like dust into meaninglessness and technological distraction.  Those people gnawing at each other while those with wealth, information and control poke at it with a stick.

I’m not necessarily blaming one over another, I’m just making an important note in my mind, keeping it in the foreground that this is occurring.

It has become so incredibly easy to forget.













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