Being a Hipster is Destructive

I’m not saying this to be mean, angry, annoyed or to shake my fist at this “pussy” generation.

It is about the result of a combination of a few causes. It is just science.

So you like art. So you like architecture too. So you like literature. Oh and you like retro video-games. Hey, computers are cool. Oh you also like music. Hell, you even like playing your instrument. But then you like philosophy. Sometimes that is too remote, you like the specifics of physics. Well quantum physics is interesting, but I also like environmentalism.

You are a Renaissance man/gal. Except you aren’t. You are spread so thin, jumping from one interest to the next like a child running around at a toy store.

So you stupid fuck, before you wilt from old age and indecision, here are the Happy Commandments for America-

  1. Find a field you can specialize in.
  2. Work very hard at it. I mean like your grandparents used to work.
  3. Take risks and continue to innovate in that specialization.

That is it. That’s the secret. You are done.

P.S. if you can’t figure out step 1. kill yourself. A 12 gauge with buckshot pointed at the front of your skull (while in your mouth) is your best odds. I’d suggest renting a car and then finding a quiet, enclosed area in a secluded forest. Just make sure to write your will first.


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